Manpower Mobilization

Protecting lives and assets from fire and road hazards is our passion at NPES PVT Ltd. As an ISO-certified leader, we bring an unrivaled combination of commitment, quality service, business ethics, and integrity to every project.

Our fire safety team mobilizes quickly to assess risks, design and implement customized solutions, and provide ongoing training and maintenance. Whether you need skilled fire personnel, technology monitoring, or equipment supply, we become an integrated part of your safety strategy.

On the roads, we build a culture of safety through specialized training programs, diligent monitoring, and rigorous inspection. Our road safety experts have the knowledge and experience to identify risks and implement corrective measures tailored to your unique transportation needs.

At NPES, safety is not just a service we provide, it is the foundation of our work. Our dedication goes beyond any single project – we aim to save lives, safeguard property, and give you complete peace of mind. When you choose us as your partner, you’re investing in the safety and security of your most valuable assets

  1. Manpower Mobilization:
  • Ability to mobilize large manpower for shutdown assignments ranging from 15 days to several months.

Range of Services:

  1. Fire Safety Services:
  • Fire Projects
    • Audits
    • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)
    • Supply of fire safety equipment
  • Fire Tender Services:
  • Fire tender hiring with crew
  • Road Safety Services:
  • Training programs
  • Monitoring services
  • Implementation of road safety measures
  • Inspection services