We are multi skilled and World class huge experienced with Multinational Management and Directive Team which have been involved in top most countries to Develop the Industry like Refinery, Petrochemicals in EPCs, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning & Start up and Operation and Maintenance


  • We provide a conducive Working Environment.
  • We Follow One Team, one Family.
  • We provide the opportunities in India & worldwide based on projects.
  • We provide skill based Training by Experts on advance Technology.
  • We work in Hottest and ever growing Sectors such, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Cross-country Pipelines, Power, Infrastructure, Telecom & IT.
  • Employees can enhance their skills as we provide suitable environment to generate Innovative Ideas.
  • Employees are an asset to any company therefore, we Reward Performance
  • Employees are allowed to work in a friendly atmosphere.
  • We encourage the growth of each employee along with organization.
  • Training & Development for achievers to enhance their Skills & Productivity.
  • Organization takes care of continuous Career Development

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