Quality Policy

The Management of NPES is totally committed to the implementation and maintenance of this quality management system and, in turn, expects every employee to contribute and support it. All employees of the company are aware of these quality objectives and strive to meet them.

The Quality Management System and Quality Policy will be continually reviewed and changed as part of NPES commitment to develop and continually improve the processes and procedures of our business. This will be evidenced by reviewing the quality objectives in line with the NPES Plan and strategic future of the company.

  • *    Complete building projects to exceed the clients expectations
  • *    Produce a defect free product first time
  • *    Use the best quality products from reputable suppliers
  • *   Use the best qualified and resourced sub-contractors
  • *    Provide a workplace that will attract quality people
  • *    Create and maintain a safe working environment for all staff, sub contractors and visitors
  • *    Meet standards and legislative requirements to enable NPES to compete state government projects.

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